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Weed Control Tips

Surflan Alternatives
Alternatives to Surflan

Perennial Weeds
Controlling Perennial Weeds in Orchards

Fall Preemergence Herbicide
Benefits Associated with a Fall Preemergence Herbicide Application

Glyphosate Sensitivity
Glyphosate Sensitivity of Peach Trees: Applying glyphosate under trees with low hanging limbs and suckers, Failing to use hooded spray booms, Glyphosate application more than 90 days after bloom, Spray solution contact with tree and using glyphosate in orchards established less than 2 years

Herbicide Changes (2001)
Herbicide Changes and Surflan Availability

Herbicide Performance 1
Herbicide Performance Table 1: Biennial and Perennial Weeds, Annual Grasses, and Annual Broadleaf Weeds

Herbicide Performance 2
Herbicide Performance Table 2: Biennial and Perennial Weeds, Annual Grasses, and Annual Broadleaf Weeds

Johnsongrass and Bermudagrass Control in Vineyards

Sempra Herbicide for Pecans
The latest new use for Sempra Herbicide.

Spray Tip Replacement Tips
How Often Should You Check My Herbicide Sprayer Output?

Surflan (Vineyards)
Surflan Alternatives in Vineyards

Surflan Availability (2001)
Surflan Availability Limited in 2001: Tree Fruit and Nut Options, Vineyard Options

Touchdown 5 Herbicide
Touchdown 5 Herbicide is Changing

W.C. Improvement
Weed Control Improvement: What Can I Do to Improve Weed Control in My Orchard?, Rotating Herbicide Programs, Delay PRE Herbicide Application

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